The Bible Society: Established in 1804 by a group of people including William Wilberforce and Thomas Charles, The Bible Society exists to make Scriptures available where there are none. It also seeks to help the churches use and teach the Bible more accurately, and promotes the Bible through the arts, education, media and politics.
The Bible Society not only translates the Bible into other languages, but it also prints physical copies of the Bible and produces visual, audio and digital forms of Scripture and distributes it in places that are often closed to the Word of God. As our partners, they will providea variety of materials, including a DVD, a CD, and a booklet about the Christmas story. They will even provide the bags in which the materials will be packaged. Their contribution is absolutely vital, because their gifts provide the spiritual nourishment for those who receive the Christmas hampers. This ensures that the message of salvation goes out to everyone, offering them the opportunity to meet the Christ who is celebrated at Christmas.
We are honored to partner with them and grateful for their support and donations.